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Owner: Nate Parks
Location: Rossville, IN
Phone: 765-230-0735


Meet the Farmers: Nate & Emily

Nate and Emily Parks started their farm seven years ago with about five acres of pumpkins and melons. That farm was known as Tranquil Ridge and was located in Montgomery County. In the spring of 2013, they had transitioned to the new farm in Clinton County near Rossville. Silverthorn Farm is 120 acres of diversified vegetable and small animal farming growing more than 40 different types of vegetables with over 300 varieties. It is the remaining section of Emily’s 3x great grandfather, William Silverthorn’s farm established in 1864, and honors the family name.

Emily is not the only one with farming in her family background. Nate grew up on a highly diversified farm and both of his grandfathers and his father were farmers. He always remembered how well that farm worked; “a sort of closed loop system of plants feeding animals, and animals feeding plants.” That made the decision to be ogranic farmers a very easy one for the Parks. “We know the benefits to all things on our farm when they work in harmony together.”

With their two children and their dog, Max, they enjoy knowing that the food they grow is unspoiled by contaminates like synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals. It makes the food very special to them and to their customers. They have not yet received their organic certification, but Nate feels that their “best ‘certification’ has always been an open door to anyone wanting to see what and how we do what we do.”

This is Silverthorn Farm’s first season with the Market. Nate and Emily were recommended by former BRFM vendor John Ferree of Seldom Seen Farm/Farm Indy. You can see their beautiful and diverse produce each Saturday morning at the Market. And you can find out more about the farm at their website here; or on their facebook page here.