The Summer Market is now located at 6179 Rural Ave. behind Glendale Town Center. Rural is the first street east of Keystone Ave. and forms the east border of the Glendale Town Center which contains Target and Lowe’s. Many thanks to Kite Realty Group for allowing us to use the space.

Our protocols have been developed with input from the Marion County Health Department, Farmers Market Coalition, and Purdue Extension. Keep in mind that the goals of the COVID-19 Restrictions are to:

  1. Maintain social distance between customers and vendors & volunteers at the Market.
  2. Minimize time spent at the market by customers to lessen any potential exposure.
  3. Minimize customer interactions with food products and with money/credit cards.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • PRE-ORDERS AND PRE-PAY: To minimize wait times for all customers, pre-paid pre-orders are highly encouraged. A vendor list with ordering information and links to the vendor sites will be available on our website and linked to the newsletter each week for your shopping convenience.
  • PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: All vendors, their staff and Market volunteers will wear masks and disposable gloves. We strongly encouraging everyone attending the Market to wear a face mask. (See links below for making your own.)
  • EARLY SHOPPING FOR HIGH RISK GROUP: The first half hour of the market from 8-8:30 am will be reserved for those over 65 and immuno-compromised customers. If you do not fall into those categories, please wait until after 8:30 to arrive. No customers should show up before 8 am which would interfere with safe setup of the Market.
  • NO DOGS ALLOWED: Sadly, for them and for us, our dog visitors will be asked to stay home to help us comply with social distancing and safety requirements.
  • CUSTOMER LIMITS: The number of persons allowed into the Market at one time will be limited for safe social distancing. Families are encouraged to send only 1-2 family members to the market.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Customers are asked to maintain 6 ft. social distancing at all times. Only one customer per vendor booth at a time. And please exit the Market after completing your purchases (don’t linger).
  • ENTRANCE/EXIT TO THE MARKET: The entrance and exit to the market will be on the north side of the market. We’ll have one parking area to the north. Handicapped parking is to the east side of the parking lot near the entrance.
  • MARKET LAYOUT: The Market will be laid out with vendors on three sides, with the sides longer than the back. Safety cones and tape will be used to create a “fence” across the north end of the market and the drive in from the south entrance to the parking lot. Vendor booths will be spaced 10 ft. apart.
  • SHOPPING & WAITING IN LINE: Green circles have been painted on the pavement to indicate where customers should stand when being helped by a vendor AND to indicate where to stand while waiting to make a purchase.
  • MOVING AROUND THE MARKET: In most cases, shoppers can easily walk around one or two customers. For vendors whose lines are long, a walkway to pass between customers in line is indicated by double blue arrows labeled “WALKWAY”. Be sure not to walk through a vendor line unless there is a designated WALKWAY.
  • HAND WASHING/SANITIZING: Hand washing stations will be located near the exit and in the middle of the market. Hand sanitizer will still be available at all vendor booths.
  • NO EATING OR DRINKING AT THE MARKET: For now, we will not have any ready-to-eat food, beverages, or sampling of vendor products at the Market. There will be no refills of kombucha growlers.
  • PRE-PACKAGED PRODUCE/NO TOUCH: All produce at the Market should be pre-packaged to reduce handling and customers may not touch any produce or other products for sale, but rely on the vendor to select and bag it and hand it to them.

These protocols are new to all of us – customers, vendors, and volunteers – so we will need everyone’s help to implement them successfully. Some protocols will likely be modified as we gain experience with them.

Please check back regularly for new information and updates.

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