Note: Our hours have changed to 9am to noon effective October 3rd and this document has been updated to reflect those changes. 

Indianapolis Public Health Order eff. 07/09/20

We are pleased that our customers are doing such a great job of wearing face masks. Our new location gives us plenty of room for social distancing, so if everyone will please pay close attention to their surroundings and maintain a safe 6 ft. distance from other customers, we can keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thanks for your support and understanding as we navigate these difficult times.



  • Parking & Traffic: There is parking north of the Market area and across Rural in the movie theater lot. We have created a crosswalk to safely cross from the extra parking over to the market. Do not park along Rural or the access roads to Lowe’s or blocking/limiting their loading zones. Handicapped Parking is on the east side of the parking area adjacent to the market entrance. Bike racks are also available. Due to construction, the far north area of the overflow lot is blocked off including the north and central entrances. Only the south entrance closest to Kessler is available to get into the overflow lot. Please drive carefully in the area as it may be crowded with walkers and bikers as well as cars. Be especially careful when backing out of parking spaces.
  • When to Arrive: The first hour of the Market (9-10:00 a.m.) is our Safety Hour. That time is encouraged for seniors and high-risk (immuno-compromised) customers and is mask-mandatory. After 10:00 a.m. face masks are still strongly encouraged and social distancing of 6 feet must be strictly practiced. We also ask that no customers show up early so as not to interfere with the safe setup of the Market.
  • Enter & Exit: There will be one entrance to the Market on the northeast side of the market area. Customers will need to line up outside the entrance and practice social distancing (6 ft. apart). There will be one exit to the west of the entrance.
  • Market Layout: The vendors are spaced (booths 5 feet apart) to accommodate social distancing. Vendors are set up in a three-sided, u-shaped lineup on the south end of the lot. Hand washing stations are located near the entrance/exit and another near the south end.
  • Customer Lines: At vendors who have long lines, there will be a designated space between the green circle for the customer currently being helped at a booth and the green circle for the first person waiting in line, marked with blue arrows. Where vendors typically have long lines, there will be an additional blue arrow walkway further out. If you want to take a look at what a vendor is selling, please stand off to the side of their table rather than in front where another customer is making a purchase.
  • Crowd Control: Admission will be restricted if the Market area becomes too crowded to maintain social distancing. We don’t anticipate that this will be necessary, but we’ll be monitoring the situation. Look for the painted green circles on the pavement to aid in staying 6 feet apart.


  • Interactions: We ask that only 1-2 persons per family come to shop and one person at a time to engage a vendor. We remind you that you may not touch products. The vendors will hand you your purchases.
  • Precautions: We encourage everyone to wear a face mask for your own safety and the safety of our vendors, volunteers, and the other customers. (All vendors and volunteers will wear face masks and gloves.) Face masks are mandatory from 8-9:00 a.m.
  • Dogs:  Starting September 12, dogs will be allowed at the Market between the hours of 10 am and noon. Read more here.

For information about our Safety Protocols, SNAP/Fresh Bucks, Vendors, DIY Face Masks, and more, explore the BRFM website.

UPDATED September 27, 2020