It’s one of those months with a fifth Saturday, so be sure to check the the vendor map below to see which vendors will be there this week.

It’s also a bit of an unusual weather week as we may have some smoke from California wildfires drifting through and some possible rain from the hurricane activity in the gulf earlier in the week. And then again, we may see none of that on Saturday morning. Best be prepared – check out our Weather Policy for the Market.

BRFM Vendor Map 08/29/20

Expect to see:

  • Plums, winter squash, chicken-of-the-woods mushrooms, cock’s combs, and focaccia as well as tomatoes, corn, zucchini, green beans, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, cabbage, and much more
  • Old Major Market now has seasonal Foie Bratwurst and Toulouse Sausages available, plus Pumpkin Spice Bacon
  • Look for Chocolate Ice Cream with Cherry Filled Brownies at Trailhead Naturals
  • Red Frazier Bison will make an extra appearance this Saturday, so this is your chance to grab some lean flavorful bison meat before their regular 2nd week in September
  • Voter Registration and applications for Absentee Ballots will be happening at the Indiana Citizen – One Voice booth
  • Right next door, will be the BRVA booth with What the Duck raffle tickets and tee-shirts and other BRVA merchandise
  • Residential compost drop-off service at the Market, and a 2-week free trial of curbside service are being offered by Green With Indy– in the center of the market area just past the entrance
  • Pete’s Peaches is out for the season, but you can still find peaches at Compean & Sons
  • Look for jalapeno and other hot/not so hot peppers at the Market to make this week’s recipe for Jalapeno Vinaigrette

This is the last week of the season for Bloomer’s GreenhouseHome Ec and Pet Wants Indy are both out this week, but expected back next Saturday.

A few of our vendors are cash-only. Don’t forget to bring some cash with you or stop at an ATM on your way. There are several in the area. And leave the pups at home. Under the current health department restrictions, dogs are not allowed in the market area.