It’s a fact that guys love to grill. So for Father’s Day, why not honor dear old dad with some healthy and delicious variations on a great American classic?

Burger Basics  

The Market is the perfect place to find alternatives to ground beef. Locally raised bison, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey are all good lean options to try. And what better place to find ingredients for a great veggie burger?

The secret to grilling a leaner burger is to replace the fat with something to add flavor and keep the meat moist. For example, adding a little oil, zucchini, salsa and fresh herbs gives flavor as well as added moisture in the Southwest Chicken Burgers below. 

Check out all these great recipes or create one of your own!

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Spanish Pork Burgers

Goat Cheese Stuffed Lamb Burgers

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Southwest Chicken Burgers

Veggie Burgers

Plus All the Trimmings 

Switch to a whole wheat or multi-grain bun, focaccia, flatbread, or even pitas or wraps. Toppings can be much more than just a slab of processed cheese. Go for an ultra-flavorful artisan cheese instead. Try adding cooked onions, mushrooms, sliced avocado, roasted peppers or squash, fresh tomato and cucumber slices, fresh spinach, arugula or sautéed greens with garlic. For a unique spread, what about an herb butter, spicy yogurt, hummus or pesto to complement your creation. Then have dad sit back and take a big bite out of the good life!  Happy Father’s Day!