free range beef, lamb, pork, & chicken

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Owner: Scott and Nikki Royer
Location: Clinton, IN
Phone: 765-832-7104


Meet the Producers: Scott & Nikki Royer and sons

At Royer Farm Fresh Beef, Lamb and Pork, Scott and Nikki Royer have made it their life’s work to  raise farm grown meats in a healthful and natural environment.  Providing delicious food for you and your family (and their family, too!) is their full-time business and passion.  Scott and Nikki run the business on a Vermillion County farm just outside of Clinton, Indiana, that has been in the family since 1874. When not working on the farm, Scott and Nikki are busy parents of twin boys and are active members of the community.

Answering questions about the farm and helping you understand different meat cuts, cooking options, and recipes is one of the most enjoyable things Scott and Nikki do.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not pleased with your purchase, let them know.  They will refund your money and commit to do better next time.

To bring you the highest-quality meat, the Royers raise all the cattle and sheep on pasture (both 100% grassfed and grass-grain fed are available), provide the pigs outside space for fresh air and exercise, use no hormones or antibiotics, and feed locally-grown corn and forages.  In addition, they strive to be good stewards of the soil and water so the livestock, wildlife, their family and neighbors will all have a clean and healthy place to live.

After dry-aging, to enhance flavor and tenderness, the meat is cut and packaged by three family-owned, independent butcher shops.  They have a large selection of beef (steaks, roasts, ground beef), pork (chops, roasts, ground pork, sausage, bacon, hams) lamb (chops, racks, legs, ground lamb, stew, shanks, bratwurst, Italian sausage, heat-n-eat gyros), chicken (whole birds and cut-up), brown eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys for sale.  Discounted volume packages of  ½ and whole hogs or lambs and ¼, ½ and whole beef are available.

To learn more about the farm sign up for their newsletter by emailing them at  You can purchase meat through the website,, or visit them Market.