hand-twisted Philadelphia-style soft pretzels

Website: www.indypretzel.com
Owner: Patrick Wojtalik
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-224-5133
Email: atopindy@yahoo.com

Meet the Maker: Pat Wojtalik

On your next trip to the Market, stop by Pat’s Philly Pretzels (formerly known as A Taste of Philly), and treat yourself to a great Philadelphia-style soft pretzel. Forget about those butter-coated health bombs at the mall; these are the real deal — fresh-baked to a golden brown on the outside, yet lusciously soft on the inside, with just the right sprinkling of salt. 

How did these classics end up being made right here in Indianapolis? Patrick Wojtalik and brother Chris, grew up outside Philadelphia, but settled in Indianapolis. On visits back home, they looked forward to enjoying true Philly soft pretzels. As Patrick explains, “We wanted to bring that taste back to Indianapolis, so people here could enjoy the soft, fresh-baked taste of a true Philadelphia-style pretzel.”

In August 2009, Pat’s Philly Pretzels opened on the corner of 42nd and College. Today they have two additional locations. Each provides customers with genuine, old-fashioned pretzels, hand-twisted and baked on site within view of customers. In addition to the classic Original Pretzel, the Row of 3 Pretzels, and hefty Pretzel Twists, you’ll also find an impressive selection of pretzel-based creations at their stores, including custom pretzels in hand-made shapes. That’s sure to be the hit of any event!

Of course, you can get Pat’s Philly Pretzels at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, served with a selection of 4 specialty mustards to give you the true Philly pretzel experience. Brett, who mans the booth at the Market, will be happy to tell you how to perfectly reheat your pretzels too! One bite and you may find it hard to convince yourself you haven’t just been transported to Philly!

To find out more about Pat’s Philly Pretzels, visit their Facebook page here.