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Owner: Marcie Hubbard
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-251-3198


Meet the Barrista: Marcie Hubbard

The Hubbard & Cravens booth has been a fixture at the Market for many years, providing our shoppers with that all-important first cup of the day, along with a variety of other refreshing beverages, from blackberry watermelon lemonade on warm summer days to hot chocolate on crisp autumn mornings. But did you know there are over two decades of experience and expertise brewed into every sip?

The company was established in 1991 by Rick Hubbard & Jerry Cravens, and “born of a simple desire — to offer the finest coffee and tea available.” Initially they only sold wholesale, but in 1995 they opened their first shop. Today they offer their exceptional brews at seven retail locations, numerous fine restaurants, luxury hotels and resorts, and a growing number of offices through their HCO Coffee and Tea division.

Several times a year they visit farmers around the world, tasting coffees and establishing personal relationships that ensure the finest quality coffee beans. But sourcing is just a part of the process. Roasting is a critical component, described as “a science as well as an art form.” At their 52nd street facility, the Hubbard & Cravens Roastmaster coaxes the best out of each coffee, relying upon finely honed expertise, advanced roasting technology, and perfectly timed cooling and packaging. Less than 24 hours passes between roasting and shipping, ensuring the freshest possible taste and aroma.

Why does H & C participate in the BRFM? Co-owner Marcie Hubbard has a simple answer: “Because it’s fun!” Bringing their coffees and teas to the Market offers an opportunity to chat with customers in a relaxed atmosphere, without the pressure of people having to rush off to work or other weekday activities. To learn more about Hubbard & Cravens, be sure to visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.

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