artisanal ice cream, vanilla, and sorbets

Owner: Kelly Beerbower
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-750-0568


Meet the Makers: Meredith and Kelly

What if you took two sisters with a passion for flavor and gave them an ice cream maker? You just might end up with Lick Ice Cream. Sisters Kelly and Meredith started taking their homemade ice cream to family gatherings and getting raves and requests for more. Now we can all enjoy their creative genius along with free tastes and their wonderful handcrafted organic waffle cones at the Market every Saturday morning!

Calling themselves the “Anti-Ben & Jerry’s,”  these self-proclaimed foodies have taken ice cream to new levels of cool, creamy deliciousness. Kelly has worked in the food business for years, most of that time at BRAVO Restaurant. Meredith is going to Ivy Tech Culinary School, studying baking and pastries. Even with two jobs each, school, and children, they find time to experiment with new flavors.  Whatever they love to eat, they try putting in ice cream.

Their most recent offerings were a Roasted Balsamic Strawberry and a collaboration with Sun King Brewery for a Toffee Wee Mac ice cream based on the popular ale.

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month in July by coming to the Market on Saturday mornings and trying their variety of unique artisan ice creams! You can follow Lick Ice Cream on facebook and twitter, and their blog at

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