bread, croissants, Danish, cookies, and pastries

Owner: Albert Trevino
Address: 6524 Cornell Ave., Ste. B, Indianapolis, IN 46220
Phone: 317-251-2253


Meet the Baker: Albert Trevino

Every Saturday morning I see customers lined up at Rene’s booth for their fresh pastries. The bakery has a loyal following at the Market, and at the shop in Broad Ripple. But I wonder if those customers know that work starts at midnight on Friday and goes all night long to create the fresh breads and pastries they are so eager to purchase each week.

Albert Rene Trevino, owner and baker, grew up in Gary, Indiana and attended Indiana University. He realized after a couple of years that he didn’t know what he wanted to do and left school. He worked with the bars and bands in Bloomington and eventually realized that the food industry appealed to him. At that point he migrated to Indianapolis to earn a culinary degree from IVY Tech.

While earning his degree, one of his professors told him, “a good pastry chef will always have a job.” Albert liked the sound of that, and a pastry chef was born. Albert’s resume includes Meridian Hills Country Club, The Columbia Club, Something Different, and Tavola Di ToSa in Broad Ripple. With all of that experience, Albert wanted to provide European-style breads and pastries for everyone to enjoy. So in 2004, he acquired equipment and a location for his new bakery and opened for business.

Albert is very hands-on, making all of his specialty croissants himself (about 1,000 each week). He takes no shortcuts, uses good ingredients and has an expectation of perfection that he is constantly striving for. In the small blue bakery, he and his staff of nine, work to create the very best product possible. “I want people to taste the flavors; not be overwhelmed with sugary sweetness,” he says.

Rene’s has been at the Market for seven years, bringing 5-600 pieces of pastry, Danish, croissants and scones every week. While Jessica and Kara staff the booth, Albert is back at the bakery and often makes a couple more trips to the Market to replenish the product as they sell out.  The croissants in particular come out of the oven within an hour of being offered at the Market so that they are as fresh as they can be.

That is the kind of dedication that keeps their loyal customers coming back. You can find Rene’s breads and pastries in many local restaurants and additional items in the cold case at the shop. And you can find out more about Albert and his bakery at