wooden cooking utensils and cutting boards

Website: www.dickinsonwoodworking.com
Owner: Kiyomi Dickinson
Location: Greenfield, IN
Phone: 317-519-5254
Email: dickinsoncustomfurniture@yahoo.com


Meet the Craftsman: Aaron Dickinson

Visitors to the Market are amazed by the beautiful handcrafted items at the Dickinson Kitchenware booth. From spoons and spatulas to mugs and rolling pins and gorgeous cutting boards, everything is made by hand from local hardwoods and finished with food-grade organic boiled linseed oil. They are not only safe for use in your kitchen, they are also works of art.

The husband and wife team of Aaron and Kiyomi Dickinson started their family business in their garage back in 1990, making custom furniture designed to last for generations. The kitchenware started in 2008 as a way to make use of the scrap wood from the furniture they were building. With a few friends and Aaron’s dad Bill to help out, the kitchenware has really taken off and become wildly popular at the downtown City Market, other farmers markets, craft fairs, and their shop in Greenfield, about 20 miles east of Indianapolis.

Everything they make is crafted carefully by a combination of hand work and power tools. They do not use any laser or computer-based machines, although they do offer engraving done by another small local business. The furniture as well as the kitchenware is made to last and to delight the senses. The forms are graceful and the distinctive layered woods like the herringbone butcher block cutting board and the laminated spatula are unique and beautiful. Their selection of rolling pins and the bread harp will please your inner chef.

Stop by the Dickinson booth at the Market this Saturday and see for yourself these lovely pieces of artisan craftsmanship. And visit their website here, and their Facebook page here, to learn more about their unique family business and their incredible products.


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