dips and spreads

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Owner: Tamara Shumate
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-579-5466
Email: meanddippymcgee@gmail.com

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Meet the Makers: Tamara & Josh

Just one visit to Me and Dippy McGee on Market morning, and you’ll be getting your dip groove on in no time! Owned by Tamara Shumate and Josh Carlstrom, Me and Dippy McGee got its start in 2012. Tamara recalls, “It was just a funny dream that I put aside while I pursued my master’s degree and other responsible real life pursuits.  Then once I was done with school, we were having the “now what?” conversation — and I was like, ‘wanna create a dip business with me?’  And to my surprise he said ‘absolutely.’” 

What ensued was anything but ordinary. Tamara and Josh have developed a delicious array of original dips, all crafted from high-quality ingredients, with fresh produce locally sourced whenever possible. For example this Saturday Tamara tells me “We will be bringing our heirloom tomato and basil dip and all the ingredients (except the olive oil and balsamic vinegar) came from Silverthorn and Harvestland Farms — both BRFM vendors!”

The creativity doesn’t stop with the dips. “The first dip we ever made was salsa,” explains Tamara, “and Josh named it ‘Grateful Red.’ From there everything just spiraled in a really fun way and we had our theme.” Today, each dip’s name is a play on a classic band, including “Paul Spinach and Artichoke Garfunkel,” an addictive spinach and artichoke dip; “CCR,”  Creamy Cucumber Revival, a tzatziki inspired blend of cucumbers, garlic, Greek yogurt and fresh squeezed lemon; a variety of seasonal dips showcased under the banner, “Dark Side of the Spoon”; and more. Tamara also gives credit to a circle of super creative friends who have helped with the business, including designer Jeremy Carder who created all the hip label art.

Best of all, Me and Dippy McGee is a Broad Ripple Farmers Market exclusive! “We don’t sell any other time of the year or any other location.” She goes on to explain that it’s the people at the Broad Ripple Market, vendors and customers alike, that make it so special. “The BRFM is just an amazing experience and the people are some of the best around!  We live in Broad Ripple and we love it-there’s no other place for us in Indy.”

So be hip and visit the Me and Dippy McGee booth this Saturday! Listen for the groovy music and look for the tie dye table cloth. To learn more about this cool duo and their rockin’ dips, be sure to visit their Facebook page here.