fusion tacos, fruit beverages, guacamole & chips

Website: http://www.lachinitapoblana.com/
Owner: George Munoz
Location: Broad Ripple – Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-722-8180
Email: George@lachinitapoblana.com


Meet the Maker: George Munoz

One of the best things about shopping at the Market on a Saturday morning is the variety of delicious breakfast options (or lunch if you get there closer to closing than opening). This season the BRFM welcomed a new and unique addition to those options with the inclusion of La Chinita Poblana to our vendor lineup.

With value-priced $3 tacos, fruity beverage combinations, and tasty sides; the fusion taqueria has become a favorite both on Westfield in Broad Ripple, and at the BRFM. The Market menu includes tacos like steak & egg, blackened tilapia, tamarind chicken, egg with roasted poblano chiles and corn, and the popular fresh guacamole and chips, as well as limeades in flavors like peach ginger or watermelon ginger basil.

Owner George Munoz had been toying with the idea of a fusion taqueria for a while and jumped at the chance when a friend showed him an empty location in Broad Ripple (the old Boogie Burger locale). “From idea to opening was just about 2 months,” he says. He opened La Chinita Poblana in July of 2012. Originally from Chicago, George has 20+ years of experience in the restaurant business in both the kitchen and in management and was a partner in the downtown Adobo Grill.

Inspiration for the restaurant came from a legend about an Indiana princess kidnapped and sold into servitude in Mexico. The townspeople thought she came from China and found her colorful clothing and quiet demeanor admirable. The legend symbolizes a cross-cultural exchange between Mexico and China that goes back over 250 years.

Since its inception, La Chinita Poblana has won an Urbanspoon award, and been written up in Jolene Ketzenberger’s “The best thing I ate” along with numerous other features in local magazines and television. You can find out more about the taqueria, it’s menu, and the legend that inspired it on their website here, or their Facebook page here.

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