Fruits & Vegetables
produce, flower baskets, plants


Owner: Jose Compean
Location: Huntington, IN
Phone: 830-374-6773



Meet the Farmer: Jose Compean


A popular fixture at the first Wednesday Market was Jose Compean and his family’s beautiful produce. Each year, his hanging flower baskets and beautiful early vegetables and strawberries have had market-goers saying good things. Jose and his father pay meticulous attention to growing the most beautiful, healthy, and best-tasting crops they possibly can at their farm/orchard in Huntington.

Last spring, Jose and his dad bought 14.25 acres of farmland and orchard that he and his family had been working every growing season for 35 years. They also lease and farm an additional 45-50 acres nearby. The property includes several greenhouses where they are growing close to 5,000 tomatoe plants in pots using a fascinating system of cords, clips, and watering lines.

Their greenhouses are also home to strawberry, raspberry, eggplant and zucchini plants. Using the indoor system allows them to produce crops both early and late in the season. Bees are used for pollination and beneficial insects to control pests; and the protected environment prevents weather related damage.