fresh produce, plants and flowers

Owner: Liz Chapman
Location: Carmel, IN
Phone: 317-846-3833


Meet the Farmer: Liz Chapman

Liz Chapman and Earthly Delights have been with the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market from the very beginning. But Liz has been involved in the farm-to-table movement since before the Market began; in fact, her love affair with gardening and good food began as a very small child.

“I was a war baby,” she explains, and lived with her grandparents while her father was overseas. Her grandfather cultivated 3 acres, growing the bulk of the family’s food and operating a roadside produce stand. As far back as she can remember, Liz worked at his side in the garden. Once grown, she had her own home garden, growing a wide variety of herbs and vegetables. In 1990, she and her husband bought property in Hamilton County and began their own farm, starting with a huge garden that included 200 tomato plants!

One day a friend passed along the news that restaurateur Peter George — a pioneer in Indy’s farm-to-table movement — was starting a farmer’s market, to be held on the sidewalk outside his north-side restaurant. “Peter really started it all,” says Liz, with his market spurring on the development of the BRFM, the downtown market, and others. Liz was soon hard at work helping to fuel the growing demand for fresh, local foods.

As the movement grew, she became one of the original Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market vendors, and has been a fixture of the Market ever since. She says that her knowledge and experience growing and cooking with such a wide variety of produce are key to her success, but also gives a great deal of credit to her customers. They inspired Liz to start what is now a Market tradition, Customer Appreciation Day, when she treats her customers to her fabulous homemade vegetable beef soup.

Stop by Liz’s booth this Saturday and explore all the seasonal treats she continues to bring us. She’ll tell you all about her produce and even suggest ways to prepare it, happy as always to share “Earthly Delights.”