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Owner: Linda Chapman
Location: Spencer, IN
Phone: 812-829-3517


Linda Chapman selling flowersMeet the Grower: Linda Chapman

Harvest Moon Flower Farm has been with the Market for about ten years now. They have been growing and arranging flowers for twenty-five years. Flowers, fresh and dried, are their mainstay, but they also grow a bit of produce, culinary herbs, and micro-greens for local restaurants. “Local” means near Spencer in Owen County, Indiana. In the fall they make seasonal wreaths and holiday wreaths and centerpieces.    

It is essentially a family operation. The family consists of Linda Chapman, head farmer, who you see at the Market on Saturdays; Deryl Dale, farm builder and carpenter; Anna (Linda and Deryl’s daughter); Anna’s boyfriend Ben West, fine artist and gardener; and neighbors Gay and Carmen Venegas. Gay is a floral arranger extraordinaire, and Carmen has been working on the farm since the age of 7 (she is now 19).

This little group of dedicated farmers cultivates their crop 12 months out of the year with the help of 4000 square feet of greenhouse space. They grow over 100 different varieties of flowers. “We pride ourselves on the unusual materials we grow that give our flowers (bouquets) a distinctive look,” says Linda. Their arrangements combine various textures and colors in well-grown flowers that have been harvested at their peak and put through a post-harvest sequence of solutions to ensure a long vase-life.

When asked why she does it, Linda replies, “Beauty, beauty, beauty! I love it! The agriculture, the people I’ve met, and the beauty I get to work with!” What better reason could there be to grow flowers and sell them at our lucky Market. And what better reason do you need to buy a bouquet of their beautiful flowers to grace your home.

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