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Owner: Linda Chapman
Location: Spencer, IN
Phone: 812-585-0809


Linda Chapman selling flowersHarvest Moon Flower Farm has been with our Farmers Market, both summer and winter, since 2012.  Owned and operated for the past 33 years by Linda Chapman, the farm offers well-grown and harvested cut flowers, culinary herbs, micro greens, produce, plants and beautiful spring, fall and holiday wreaths.

They pride themselves on being a “producer only” farm, only selling products they have grown–nothing is bought in for reselling.  They grow over 100 varieties of flowers (their main crop) which includes unusual materials that gives their bouquets a distinctive and eye catching look, filled with texture and festive color combinations.  They also pride themselves on their outstanding long ‘vase-life’, as they put a lot of energy into ensuring a bouquet from Harvest Moon Farm will last as long as possible in your home or work space.

They love their farm, the work they are blessed with, the communities they serve and the beauty they get to appreciate in their day-to-day work.

Follow Linda and Harvest Moon Flower Farm on Facebook or on their website here.

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