artisanal breads, cookies, and baked treats

Owner: Charlie McIntosh
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-686-1583

Order online at

Meet the Baker: Charlie McIntosh

What do you do when you want bread hearth-baked in the Italian tradition, but can’t find it locally? You start a bakery—that’s the story behind Amelia’s, located in the Fletcher Place/Holy Rosary neighborhood. There they carefully craft breads for wholesale to local restaurants and markets. Luckily for us, Amelia’s exceptional breads are available at our Market on Saturday mornings.  

Charlie McIntosh runs the show as Head Baker at Amelia’s, which opened in June of 2012. In preparation, he spent nearly a year honing his baking skills, including an apprenticeship at the acclaimed Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe in Louisville and studies at TMB Baking’s San Francisco Baking Institute. He specializes in creating artisanal breads leavened with a natural sourdough starter rather than commercial yeast.

Each day Charlie and his team of bakers mix, divide, and hand-shape their distinctive loaves, then allow them to undergo a long, cool, 24-hour fermentation. This process develops a depth of flavor that commercially yeasted bread can’t offer. The breads are then baked in a special Italian oven; steam is injected into the oven, which allows the bread to fully rise.

Be sure to stop by and sample each of their uniquely flavorful breads (they put samples of all of their offerings out for you to try). Don’t be surprised if you take home more than one loaf! They have special cookies and brownies each week too!  You can find out more about Amelia’s on their website here.

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