fresh flowers

Facebook: JP Parker Flowers
Owner: Pam Parker
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-407-2906


Meet the Grower: Pam Parker

From the heady scent and lush beauty of the peony bouquets, to the cheerful glory radiating from bunches of sunflowers, a stroll past JP Parker Flowers at the Market is a feast for the senses. There’s quite a story behind those gorgeous blooms, a story that began decades ago and has grown into a thriving business.

Inspired by the flower gardens her grandfather grew on his farm in Needham, Indiana, Pam Parker developed a lifelong passion for horticulture. Today, Pam and her husband Larry Tucker maintain that same family farm, where they and their dedicated crew produce an annual crop of more than 20,000 peony stems and 300,000 sunflowers, along with smaller amounts delphiniums, larkspur, zinnias, herbs and more, for sale to florists near and far. It is time and labor-intensive, requiring crews to care for and harvest blooms primarily by hand.

JP Parker Flowers has been offering their magnificent flowers at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market for the past several years. So don’t just stroll by; take those beautiful bouquets home where you can stop and smell the peonies, bask in the sunflowers, and enjoy the magic of their fabulous flowers!

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