fresh baked dog treats

Owner: Stacey Petcu
Location: Broad Ripple – Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-466-1646


Meet the Maker: Stacey Petcu

Each Saturday morning during  season, four-legged visitors to the Market arrive with a specific goal in mind: a stop at Three Dog Bakery! A fixture at the BRFM since 2004, their booth is a popular destination. Maybe it’s the beautiful display, maybe it’s Stacey’s welcoming smile, or just maybe it’s the complimentary treats furry customers enjoy. Whatever it is, you’ll always see a whole lot of tail-wagging going on. 

Motivated by a love for animals and a desire to work in a local, small business atmosphere; Scott and Stacey Petcu opened their first Three Dog Bakery franchise in 2000. They have been going strong ever since, with three locations including one in Broad Ripple. The bakery offers an extraordinary range of all-natural human-grade treats (fresh-baked in their own ovens), and a full range of pet supplies, accessories and toys.

Stacey says that being a vendor at the BRFM has been “a great fit for us,” providing the opportunity to get to know other local vendors and their products, but also to meet and visit with customers — both dogs and owners. Stacey says, “The BEST part about being at the Market is seeing the dogs’ excitement. You can’t help but have a great day when you see those wagging tails and happy eyes!”

Each week at the Market dogs can look forward to favorites like Pupcakes, Pawlines, and even a frozen yogurt, Lickety Split. Many of these treats are beautifully decorated as well, although Stacey concedes it is really more for the owners’ benefit. “Most of our doggie customers aren’t too picky about how the treats look,” she confides. To find out more about Three Dog Bakery in the Indianapolis area, visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.

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