artisan goat cheeses

Owner: Kristy Kikly
Location: Spiceland, Indiana
Phone: 317-498-4255

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Meet the Cheesemakers: Kristy & Mike

Caprini Farmstead Creamery brings a selection of finely crafted cheeses to our Market.

Caprini is a part of Redbud Farm, owned by Mike Hoopengardner and his wife Kristy Kikly. Along with their daughter Jessica, they care for approximately 150 goats and 22 llamas, operate the creamery, bring their cheeses to market, AND work full-time jobs!  

According to Mike, the journey began 11 years ago, with 2 goats and 2 llamas on 5 acres. But Kristy envisioned something more. As a research scientist with Eli Lilly, her knowledge of microbiology dovetailed beautifully with the art of cheese making, and soon she and Mike developed a plan to expand their operation into a full-fledged creamery. In 2007 they purchased 57.5 acres near Spiceland and got to work, building barns and a house, planting pastures and trees, and growing their herd. Kristy researched, attended classes in cheese making and visited other goat dairies. By the end of 2009 they were up and running.

The brand new dairy, complete with laboratory, was designed by Kristy, who worked hand in hand with the Board of Health to make certain everything complied precisely with the health and safety standards of cheese making.  Their love for their land and animals is evident, and their hard work has paid off in a growing number of enthusiastic customers.

Caprini Creamery is becoming a fixture at our Market, offering fresh and aged goat cheeses to suit every taste, including luscious Chevre, Bloomy Rinds, and semi-hard cheese. Their Feta will be available beginning this Saturday. Be sure to visit the booth and sample them all. To learn more about Caprini Creamery, visit their website, and Facebook page.