artisan cheese, butter, and other dairy products

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Manager: Laura Davenport
Location: Zionsville, IN
Phone: 317-331-5469


Meet the Cheesemaker: Fons Smits

We are excited to have another artisanal creamery added to our BRFM vendor family! Tulip Tree Creamery owner and cheese-maker Fons Smits has been making cheeses and other dairy products for over 20 years in South America, Europe, Asia and the U.S. He and his team are enthusiastic about delicious real food and about bringing it to the Indianapolis area.

The creamery makes fresh cultured butter, fresh mozzarella and Fromage Frais (a spreadable cheese with a variety of herbs mixed in) available; all using high-quality cow’s milk from Indiana farmers. Next up will be Trillium (a triple cream similar to a camembert), Larkspur (a blue cheese), and a feta.They’re also working on Burrata (mozzarella filled with fresh cream), a Foxglove (a pungent double cream), and Haymaids (a mild nutty semi-soft).

After working with Traders Point Creamery years ago, and Ludwig Farmstead Creamery in Illinois, Smits was anxious to spend more time with his family here. He now enjoys the hands-on aspect of being in charge of the entire cheese-making process from beginning to end. As he says, “There are a lot of products I can’t wait to try out, and having built up a great group of people to support me, this was a good time to launch.”

Being a small operation, they are able to do small production runs and that makes it easy to try out new ideas and eventually do custom batches for chefs and specialty grocers.  The creamery has opened a production facility on the northwest side, but hopes to eventually move to a more “scenic” spot where the public can come and watch cheese being made, take classes, and have tastings. Meanwhile, you can sample their delectable offerings at their BRFM booth on Saturday mornings.

Find out more about Tulip Tree Creamery on their website here, and on their facebook page here.

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