hand-crafted pottery bowls cups and vessels

Website: www.holepottery.com
Owner: Sandy Finney
Location: 6139 Riverview Dr, Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-753-4546
Email: sandi@holepottery.com


Meet the Artist: Sandi Finney

Sandi Finney started rolling balls of Wonder Bread between her fingers as a kid. Then, while studying photography at the IU School of Journalism, she minored in ceramics. She went on to work in photography, print production, and paper specification, but also has taught at the Art Center for years and fires their kilns every week.

She was perhaps destined to pursue her passion for pottery full time. And in 2001 she opted out of the “rat race” and that’s exactly what she did. Her studio is above her garage and she has an electric kiln for bisque firing and a gas kiln for glaze firing. She selects her glazes to enhance the characteristics of the wheel-thrown shapes and of the clay itself.

“Stoneware is the strongest clay,” says Sandi. “The pieces your grandmother used are probably stoneware.” It is fired to such a high heat that the clay and glaze become one entity and can be used for cooking and then run through the dishwasher. Stoneware can be preheated or chilled to keep your food at the right temperature when you bring it to the table. That makes it perfect for the pie plates, bowls, serve-ware, mugs, platters, and other food-related pieces Sandi creates.

You can meet Sandi and see her beautiful pottery for yourself at the BRFM each Saturday morning; and find out more at her website here.

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