100% pure maple syrup

Website: indymaplesyrup.com
Owner: Kevin Hart
Location: Brownsville, IN
Phone: 765-541-0671
Email: info@indymaplesyrup.com


Meet the Maker: Kevin Hart


First of all, to clear up any confusion, this is NOT Burton’s Maplewood Farm. Many of you who have come to the Market in years past were used to seeing the other Maplewood Farm — but this purveyor of 100% pure Indiana maple syrup is the Hart family, Kevin and his late wife Lisa, and their 15-year old twins, Harrison and Samantha. Now that that’s cleared up, let me tell you more about Maplewood Farms LLC and their delicious all-natural product. 

Back in 2000, Kevin and Lisa Hart started work on their management plan to add value to their hoosier farm’s resources and create an environmentally sound operation (using sustainable agricultural and conservation practices). The property is located near the headwaters of the Brookville Reservoir Recreation Area and Whitewater State Park near Brownsville, IN (about 20 miles south of Richmond). Maplewood is a member of the American Tree Farm Program and their forest is enrolled in the State and National Classified Forest Programs. They have 115 wooded acres, 63 of which are dedicated “sugar bush” where no pesticides or herbicides, synthetic or organic are used.

The Harts started making 100% pure Indiana maple syrup in 2008. When winter gives way to spring and temperatures start to rise, the sap is collected through a tubing system and boiled in a special evaporator (43-45 gallons for 1 gallon of syrup) up to and exceeding Vermont Standards (the benchmark for maple syrup producers). There are no additives or preservatives at all in the deliciously sweet and nutritious natural product. Maplewood Farms offers several different grades of pure maple syrup and is pleased to let customers sample tastings of them.

Stop by the booth at the Market and Kevin and staff will be happy to tell you more about the operation and products. Maplewood has a great recipe book too! And watch the website here, for updates and more new products as the farm expands in the future!

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