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Email: josh@wildalaskasalmonandseafood.com

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Wild Alaska CatchMeet the Fisherman: Tony Wood

Tony Wood grew up in the mid-west hunting and fishing. He was working as a guide for resorts in Alaska when he conceived the idea of providing the delicious fresh sockeye salmon he and his friends and family so enjoyed to the rest of the country.

Seeing how the big corporations ran their operations, Tony knew he could find a way to do it faster and better to get the freshest catch directly to the customer. He wanted to eliminate factory processing, warehousing, and complicated distribution methods. He also wanted to do it in a way that sustained the wild salmon population and protected the Alaskan wilderness he so loved.

In 2000 he started the business and talked friend Heather Huffman into joining him. With a small crew of deckhands and processors, they make up the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co. The operation consists of a couple of bunkhouses and a processing building in Alaska and the fishing boat “Oly” working the icy waters of Bristol Bay (home of the world’s best salmon).

The privately owned and maintained fishing and processing crew put their catch on ice immediately and deliver it to shore daily to be cleaned, hand-cut, flash-frozen, and vacuum sealed to ensure quality and freshness. Then it is flown into the continental U.S. where it is sold directly to the customers at venues like our Broad Ripple Farmers Market.

As Tony says, “The name says it all!.” Its wild, it’s in Alaska, and it’s mostly salmon and some Alaskan crab. To find out more about their operation and offerings, see their facebook page here, or visit their website here. And for storing, thawing, and cooking tips, click here.

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