Liege waffles

Owner: Stephanie Lewis
Location: Carmel, IN
Phone: 317-714-1198


Meet the Makers: The Lewis Family

There is something delicious at the Market. It’s dense and sweet and easy to eat – and it has a history going back over 200 years!

The Walking Waffle Company is serving freshly cooked Liege waffles every Saturday morning at the BRFM. For centuries, the “Liege Waffle” (pronounced Lee-ay’-j) has been a staple on the streets of Belgium where street vendors sell them to commuters. The sugar used in the dough caramelizes on the waffle iron so the waffle needs no syrup, making them easy to eat while you walk.

Mark and Stephanie Lewis and their four children are in their eighth season at local farmers markets and their first season with the BRFM. Stephanie remembers how it all got started. “Our oldest daughter was helping her grandma sell salsa every weekend at the Carmel farmers market, so we were spending Saturdays with them,” Stephanie reminisced. “We decided to find a product that we could sell as well. We learned about Liege waffles at an out-of-state market.”

Their freshly cooked waffles are made with imported Belgian pearl sugar and pure vanilla. They’re wonderful alone, or you can get them topped with fresh fruit, organic homemade whipped cream, locally harvested honey, drizzled chocolate, or their newest topping option, Nutella!

Stop by their booth at the Market every Saturday morning and experience the amazing walking waffle for a great breakfast on the go or pick up a six-pack to take home for later!

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