hot breakfast, stratas, & baked goods

slice of strata with red toppingWebsite:
Owner: Marc Urwand
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-925-2233


server behind the display table with foodMeet the Chefs: Marc and Deidra

After 11 years at 52nd and College, Taste Café and Marketplace has finally come to the BRFM! With their motto “it’s about the food,” and their mission to maintain the natural integrity of fresh ingredients, we think they’re a perfect fit for our food-focused market!

Executive Chefs Marc Urwand and Deidra Henry spent 15 years managing kitchens at some of the finest restaurants in New York and Los Angeles before returning to Indiana to open Taste.  They learned all the skills of fine cuisine and came full circle to a philosophy that embraces simple dishes that allow the full flavor of fresh foods to shine.

Taste began in 2004 by serving breakfast, lunch, and brunch and featuring daily specials so that customers could sample seasonal ingredients. They also promote the practice of people taking away their prepared foods to enjoy in their own homes (although their remodeled restaurant space has great ambience for dining in and allows guests to view their food being prepared).

Over the years they have added dinner service two nights a week, they do catering, and now they have come to the Market to share their delicious creations with our visitors on Saturday mornings.  Last week I had their bacon cheddar quiche for breakfast and it was the most incredibly light and fluffy custard I’ve ever had in a quiche! Paired with their blood orange strawberry sweet tea, it was truly a gourmet breakfast!

You can taste their delicious seasonal offerings at the Market on Saturday morning and find out more about Taste on their website here.