bison steaks, roasts, brisket, ground, and more

Owners: Zach Martin, Jennifer Karnes, Marc Huffman
Location: Bloomfield, IN
Phone: 812-606-5550


Meet the Ranchers: Jennifer, Marc, and Zach

Red Frazier Bison Ranch is operated by a group of friends with a passion for nature, hard work, and providing a quality product to their community. Located in Bloomfield, Indiana, the 225 acre ranch was started in 2014 and is home to a growing herd of North American bison.

Bison is America’s original red meat. After tremendous effort by ranchers all across the country, they are once again poised to be a sustainable meat source. It is lean and tender making it a healthy option. It is also high in iron and protein and low in fat and cholesterol. Red Frazier bison are free of growth hormones and steroids as well.

“Consumers want to be able to trust the source of their food,” Jennifer told me. “At Red Frazier, we saw a unique opportunity to provide the area with a nutritious and quality product they can feel good about taking home to their families. Our goal is to create a healthy and safe environment for the animals and then let nature do the rest.”

The second Saturday of every month, Red Frazier Bison is at the Market with filets, NY strips, rib-eyes, sirloins, ground bison, patties, brisket, and a variety of roasts and other cuts. They also offer some of the organs and split marrow bones. If you are looking for a specific item it is a good idea to contact them ahead of time.

You can find out more about Red Frazier Bison at the website, here.

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