You may have noticed that Dean Fallis of Bloomer’s Greenhouse has lost a lot of weight. Not to worry – he’s in good health, and he let me in on his secret.

He’s always been pretty healthy and could eat whatever he wanted. But last year, Dean found that his blood sugar had gotten out of control and his doctor insisted he change his diet as part of the effort to get his numbers in line. Since then he has lost 75 lbs. and his blood sugar is doing fine.

I asked him how he accomplished such a radical change in a relatively short time-frame. He told me he snacks on beef jerky all day and then has soup and salad for supper. His wife, who joined him in the dietary change, has lost 80 lbs. herself! 

So, for all of you who have expressed concern about Dean’s health, he is doing fine. And for all of you who are intrigued by his incredible diet success, please be sure you talk to your doctor before going on a beef jerky diet or making any major change in your diet.

Dean certainly seems to be thriving on it though!

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