shag bark hickory syrup

Owner: William Taylor
Location: Avon, IN
Phone: 317-989-1849

Amazing as it sounds, every bit of Hickory flavor in our products comes completely from the bark of the Shagbark Hickory trees that grow on our farm. We are One of only a few Artisans in the World  who craft Shagbark Hickory Syrup.  It is an extremely rare product.

What makes Hickory Valley Farms Hickory Syrup unique?

  • Hickory Bill spent over Five Years of trial and error in perfecting Hickory Valley Farms Hickory Syrup.

  • All of Hickory Valley Farms Hickory Syrup comes from ‘Hickory Bill’s Beyond Organic’ Shagbark Hickory Trees.

  • Hickory Valley Farms unique Hickory Syrup process takes over 10 steps to wild-craft.

  • Hickory Bill has an extremely high level of  quality control that you will taste in every bottle of Hickory Syrup. It never gets bottled until Hickory Bill approves the batch.

  • The process of making Shagbark Hickory Syrup is sustainable – the Shagbark Hickory trees naturally shed their bark.

  • Hickory Valley Farms Hickory Syrup is completely GMO free, from a Gluten-Free family.

  • The Glycemic Index of the Hickory Syrup is similar to Maple Syrup.

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