Asparagus, rhubarb, radishes, bok choy, beets, fennel, kohlrabi, sugar snap peas, herbs, greens, plants, flowers, and hanging baskets will be back this week.

It’s Week #4 of the month, so ARPO (Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership), Burton’s Maplewood Farm, Groomsville Popcorn, Primal Delights, and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood will join us this week.

Check our vendor list to see details on all the vendors scheduled to be at the Market this week and every week.

  • We’re hoping for Natural Born Juicers to resolve their juice truck repair problems and be able to be there.
  • Funny Bone Farm has sent some limited produce with Norman Mullet and shared space with him last week. This week Paul from Funny Bone will be in his regular spot.
  • Hidden Pond Farm and 3-in1 Restaurant will both be at the Market this week which is not a regular assigned week for them. Lucky us!

Look for the BRVA (Broad Ripple Village Association) booth at the Market this weekend. They’ll be selling ducks for the big Broad Ripple Canal Duck Race coming up later in June.