bouquets with lilies & sunflowers at Bloomer’s Greenhouse

Peppers, eggplants, green and yellow beans, red potatoes, lilies, and sunflowers were new. Expect to see more tomatoes, kale, chard, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, and herbs.

  • I saw curly kale, Tuscan (aka Lacinato or Dinosaur) kale, and red Russian kale last week.
  • Silverthorn Farm had a beautiful new herb display. Herbs were at Full Hand Farm too and Fields Farm Fresh and Bloomer’s Greenhouse still had herb plants.
  • We got word the other day that blueberries are coming this week and possibly peaches soon!
  • Asparagus and snap peas have continued to be available, but should be done shortly, and it will be interesting to see if the strawberries keep showing up with all the rain we have been having.
  • There were tons of beautiful peonies. And with lilies here and sunflowers starting, the bouquets around the Market were gorgeous!

It’s Week #4, so we have ARPO, Batch No. 2, Burton’s Maplewood Farm, Groomsville Popcorn, Primal Delights, and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood with us this Saturday.

Tis the season for backyard grilling, and Batch No.2 has the awesome condiments you need. Find their unique mustards, ketchups and other condiments at the Market every 2nd & 4th week.

Funny Bone Farm is out this week for a family wedding, but will be back next week with tomatoes. Dickinson Custom Woodworking is out doing a family outing and Taste Café & Marketplace and Natural Born Juicers are out this week due to staffing shortages. Bettini Pasta is out due to illness.

The Daily Blossom is out for the next few weeks, but will be back July 13th. Nancy is traveling in France and will be visiting Monet’s Garden among other beautiful and inspirational sites.