On any given Saturday, the Information Booth has an interesting assortment of items left by visitors. If you think you’ve lost something at the Market, come check our Lost & Found.

For example, we currently have a Pepperdine sweatshirt, some keys, a water bottle, a couple of umbrellas, sunglasses and a wallet.

Last Saturday we found two shopping bags in the parking lot after the Market closed. They contained produce, frozen meats, and two potted plants. We put notices out on various social media sites, but as yet haven’t heard from anyone.

If you know who might have left these items, please let them know we have them and have them contact us through our website or by facebook message.

And if you ever lose something while at the Market (or think you might have) do come on by the Information Booth and have the volunteers there check the lost & found. We’d love to get these items back home where they belong.