Hoop houses at Full Hand Farm.

You’ve heard a lot from us over the last year or two about the ways that weather impacts our farmers – from planting, to weather-related disease, to the labor involved in harvesting and preparing for each market.

A related trend we’ve seen is that more and more of our farmers are turning to greenhouses (heated) and hoop houses (heated only by sunlight). Because their annual income is at risk, and they can’t get crop insurance (their farms are too small), they are investing in growing methods that help limit the impact of weather on plant health and productivity.

Part of what that means is that we now see some produce at the market earlier than in years past. Tomatoes for example are available both earlier and later in the season when protected by a hoop house or greenhouse that allows earlier planting and longer growing.

So, if you have questions about what you are seeing on our vendors’ tables, please ask them to tell you about their growing practices. They’ll appreciate the fact that you noticed.