For October and November, we will be opening the Market one hour later at 9 am. We will still close at noon.

Sunrise is coming later each week as we move away from the Summer Solstice and towards the Winter Solstice. The sun is already coming up after 7:30, so the fall hours will allow our vendors to arrive no later than 8:30 and have a full half hour of daylight to get set up before the Market opens.

We’d also like to remind customers that our vendors need that half hour of time to get fully ready to sell to you. Please refrain from shopping before the 9 am opening time. The vendors don’t want to disappoint you if you try to buy before they are ready, but then they are not ready when we do open and have to scramble with setting up displays and signage, etc.

And while we’re at it, we want everyone to be aware that the Market will be open through the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 23rd. We’ll then have one down week with no market and the Winter Market will open December 7th inside Liter House.