This week you’ll find plenty of local ingredients to support your New Year’s resolutions!

Golden and red beets from Freedom Valley Farm

  • Full Hand Farm, Amelia’s Bread, Rene’s Bakery, Circle City Smoke, and Wild’s Apple Farm are all back this week!
  • See our recipe this week for a tasty and healthy soup using chard and kale from Johnnie Raber Family Farm and Full Hand Farm!
  • Shamrock Farm won’t have mushrooms for the next couple of weeks but will be back in full swing by the end of January. If you haven’t checked out the mushrooms at Freedom Valley Farm, now would be the time to do that!
  • We’ll have Weeks #1/#3 vendors Caprini Creamery, Apricot Sun and Me & Dippy McGee. And starting in February, Sitka Salmon Shares will be joining us the 1st week of each month.

Check our complete list of full-time and part-time vendors on our Vendor Page.