Time to start planning for Super Bowl celebrations. So many options and ingredients to choose from!

Just cut Brussels sprouts stalks from Johnnie Raber Family Farm

  • See our recipe this week for a sensational salad just perfect for a wintery Super Bowl event!
  • Shamrock and Freedom Valley Farms will have mushrooms this week.
  • Johnnie Raber Family Farm harvested their final 500 Brussels sprout stalks last week – just in time for dips, roasting, salads, bakes and more!  Lick will have more of their new ice cream Brown Butter Cookie Dough. Sold out quickly last week so plan ahead!!
  • This week we’ll have Week #4 only vendor Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood.
  • We’ll also have Weeks #2/#4 vendors Batch No. 2, Primal Delights, and Trailhead Naturals.

Check our complete list of full-time and part-time vendors on our Vendor Page.