With the guidelines from the Marion County Healthy Department in place, our vendors have been hard at work to build new sites for you to pre-order and pre-pay for your Market purchases. Not all vendors have this option, but many of them now do and we have created a Pre-Order Table with their status and links to their sites so that you can easily shop from home and pick up your purchases at the Market with minimal contact and minimal waiting. (Just click on the link below.)

Click here for pre-ordering information.

Pre-Ordering and Pre-Paying have the advantage of:

  • Streamlining your shopping process
  • Minimizing person-to-person and person-to-product contact
  • Reducing the need to handle credit cards or cash
  • Optimizing social distancing by keeping interactions brief
  • Minimizing wait times by moving customers through the Market quickly
  • No worry that they will run out of something before you get there

You won’t need to print out a confirmation from the vendor, just make a list of which vendors you will need to pick up from. They’ll have your purchases pre-packaged and ready for you.

You don’t have to pre-order, as all vendors will have product available to purchase at the market.