Green With Indy, Indy’s food waste composting service, is offering a two-week free trial of its residential curbside waste collection service. 

Stop by the GWI trash and recycling center at the Market and chat with Greg about the details.

GWI has 100 buckets, affectionately known as “BinE”, available to test whether composting is for you. Offered on a first come, first served basis, GWI provides a bucket, compostable bag liners and two free service dates at no charge. All you do is fill the five gallon bucket with your compostables over the next two weeks and you’ve taken the first and best step to composting.

Green With Indy will come by every Wednesday or Thursday to empty it. All you do is place “BinE” near the curb by 7:00am. After the free trial, if you like it, sign up. If don’t like it or can’t use it, give it back. GWI will empty it and take it away. Just contact GWI to let them know. That’s it.

But here’s the thing — food as garbage, can’t grow more food. About 40% of all household waste is compostable and not just food waste. All of your compostable waste can be processed and used to grow more food locally. For a full list of what is and what is not compostable visit the website:

Of course, if you already understand the process and don’t need the free trial, you can subscribe today. Help keep this locally-owned small business moving forward. Visit their website for details to sign up for residential service. It’s easy and there are no contracts.

Visit Green With Indy online for more information. While there, make sure to visit the blog to find out more about BinE. Hint: It’s a rescued bucket. One person’s trash is another’s treasured compost bucket. Again, should you decide that this is not for you, don’t trash BinE. Just contact GWI to pick it up.

Otherwise — Happy Composting!

Contact: Green With Indy, LLC