We’re wrapping up National Farmers Market Week (Aug. 2-8, 2020).

Did you know the BRFM has been around since 1994? We have seen at least five different locations over the years – BR Brewpub, BR Station, the Art Center, the high school, and now Glendale. We currently have more than 60 active vendors down from more than 80 last year before Covid-19. We could expect 3,000 visitors to the Market on a Saturday at the high school. During the pandemic, we have had 2,000-2,500 customers most market days.

BRFM Vendor Map 08/08/20

Expect to see:

  • Blackberries, long beans, crook neck squash, blueberries, okra, tomatillos, & gladiolus; as well as corn, tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, cucumbers, lettuce, peaches, melons,& more.
  • WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) will be at the Market this Saturday with vouchers, and with information on breastfeeding information. Look for them at the booth next to the BRFM tent, just past the entrance.
  • Tulip Tree Creamery introduces a brand-new alpine style cheese – Milkweed!
  • Last week we saw Nujac Garden return to the Market. Check out Sydney’s amazing long beans and other special produce.
  • This is the one week of the month when Red Frazier Bison comes to the Market, so catch them while you can. Wild Alaska Salmon is also here for one of their twice a month visits.
  • Green With Indy is running a special promotion on residential compost pickup service. Check out the details; or talk to Greg in the GWI trash and recycling center in the center of the Market.
  • Canning tomatoes are available from several vendors. See this week’s recipe for canning tomatoes and other tips on preserving fresh summer produce.

Check out all the vendors you’ll see this week, and every week on our Summer Vendor List.

Don’t forget to bring cash for the vendors who don’t take credit cards or checks. They are My Dad’s Sweet Corn, Pete’s Peaches, Phelps Family Farm, Norman Mullet Farm, and Nujac Garden.

Also, leave the dogs at home for now. Under current health department guidelines, dogs are not allowed to be in the Market area.