Last week’s Pop-ups are back for an encore, voting information is available at the BRVA booth spot, and you’ll find a few last tastes of summer along with a whole lot of fall fun!

BRFM Vendor Map 10/17/20

Expect to see:

  • Ginger, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprout stalks, radishes, beans, apples, rainbow carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, radicchio, spinach, winter squash, fall swags, and much more.
  • Home Ec will have a limited supply of corn relish made from the last of the season’s sweet corn. They also have incredible jams like their award-winning Bourbon Paw Paw.
  • Look for spooky treats and other gourmet yummies as well as scary-good hot chocolate at Xchocol’Art.
  • Seasonal goodies at Circle City Sweets include pumpkin bread with pepita streusel & cranberry butter, plus Sage Aioli Chicken Salad and Beercan Smoked Chicken Wings!
  • Speaking of pumpkin – check out the Pumpkin Chews at Pet Wants Indy! Your pup will be glad you did.
  • Say it Ain’t Salsa and Eat Surreal are both back this week. If you missed their pop-ups last Saturday, here’s your chance to give them a try.
  • You’ll want to pick up some broccoli and make Seriously, the Best Broccoli of Your Life – our recipe for this week.
  • Freedom Valley Farm is back this week after taking a week off.

Trailhead Naturals, La Chinita Poblana, and Nicey Treat are out this Saturay; and Guacamole & More is out for the season.

See all the vendors you’ll find at the Market this week, and every week, on our Summer Vendor List.