• PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Customers are REQUIRED to wear a face mask while attending the market. Your mask should properly cover your nose and mouth at all times.  All vendors and Market volunteers wear face masks for your protection.  Face shields are not an acceptable substitute for a mask per the CDC, but may be worn in addition to a mask.
  • DOGS: Dogs are not allowed at the indoor market.  Service animals may be admitted but must be properly identified.
  • PREORDERS AND PREPAY: To minimize wait times for all customers, prepaid preorders are highly encouraged. Our online vendor list identifies vendors who offer preordering. All vendors have ample product onsite for purchase.
  • CUSTOMER LIMITS: The number of persons allowed into the Market at one time will be limited for safe social distancing. Families are encouraged to send only 1-2 family members to the market.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: Customers are required to maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times. Only one customer per vendor booth at a time. Please exit the Market after completing your purchases.
  • ENTRANCE/EXIT TO THE MARKET: The Market is located on the northside lower level of Glendale Town Center in front of the former Macy’s store and may be accessed by doors on the northside of the building.  One set of doors is designated as the entrance while another set of doors is the exit. Some vendors are in a separate space to the east in Suite 1010.
  • PARKING: There is ample parking on the northside of the building. Handicapped parking spaces are located near the entrance. Bike racks are also available.
  • SHOPPING & WAITING IN LINE: Vendors are spaced apart within the building.  There is room for customers to wait in line in front of vendor stands, so please maintain six feet between shoppers.
  • MOVING AROUND THE MARKET: There is a walkway throughout the market and we ask that customers not stand in line within this walkway.
  • RESTROOMS: Restrooms are available for customers on the southside of the market.   Hand sanitizer is available at all vendor booths.
  • READY-TO-EAT VENDORS: We do NOT have any vendors providing breakfast food items at this time due to our limited space.  However, Hubbard and Cravens is there with coffee and tea!

Updated January 2021