Full Hand Farm is back this week after a holiday hiatus, so all three produce vendors are participating this week and all are bringing exceptional produce this season! 

  • Last week’s pop-up Korean kimchi vendor Oikonomia joins us again this week with samples and more product to sell!
  • A new pop-up vendor Positive Foodie Vibes is with us this week with herb flavored drinks, seasoning mixes, southern-style cakes, and more.
  • Full Hand Farm, Xchocol’Art, and Lick Ice Cream are back this Saturday.
  • Pots & Pans and La Chinita Poblana will be back on January 16.
  • This is January week 2 so we’ll have Red Frazier Bison, kuacha & me(h) – see photo right, Caprini Creamery, and Soupremacy.
  • Native Bread is back to full time this week. 
  • If you hadn’t noticed already, Pet Wants Indy is now 317 Dogs! Check out their new logo!
  • Check out the full list of Winter Vendors and their schedules. And check out where to find them on the BRFM Vendor Map 010921.

Strange looking, celeriac (AKA celery root) is definitely under-appreciated! With it’s fresh, celery flavor profile  it’s ideal for soups, salads, and sides and is a great alternative to mashed potatoes!