Today’s blog post is all about our new space. We are grateful that the space is right next door so the Market will be easy to find. But because the space is smaller it is important for you to know BEFORE you head to the Market this week, how navigating the Market will be different.

  • The marked-up exterior photo shows three sets of doors to the new spaces.
    • The doors circled in green is the entrance door to BRFM West –  the larger of our two spaces. If the market become too crowded, customers will be asked to form a line outside this door to wait until the crowding subsides. A volunteer will be manning the door to let customers know when to wait and when it’s OK to enter.
    • The doors circled in orange are the exit doors to BRFM West.
    • The door circled in blue is the entrance/exit door to BRFM East – the smaller of our two spaces.
  • The marked-up interior photo shows three types of floor markings to help you navigate BRFM West.
    • The arrows in bright yellow are traffic flow patterns. Traffic always goes counter clockwise.
    • The blue line circled in purple is a line that marks the edge of the space for customers waiting in line for a vendor.
    • The markings circled in green are the lines for customers to wait. The “arrow” on the X indicates the first waiting space. The “connector line” connects to the next waiting space. For some vendors with longer lines, the line may bend back in opposite direction. The waiting lines alternate color to help tell one vendor’s line from the next.

Vendor Updates for this Week

  • A few vendors are moving from full time to twice a month because of the move – Say It Ain’t Salsa, Home Ec Preserves, Batch No. 2, and Maplewood Farms. Lick Ice Cream is opting out of the Winter Market but you can find them downtown at The Garage. And the ready-to-eat food vendors are out – La Chinita Poblana, Skillington Farms, 3 in 1 Restaurant, and Byrne’s Pizza.
  • Jason Michael Thomas is out this week.
  • This is week 4 of January which means part-time vendors Maplewood Farms, Soupremacy, Say It Ain’t Salsa, Home Ec Preserves, kuacha & me(h), Caprini Creamery, and Wild Alaska Salmon are with us.
  • Check out the full list of Winter Vendors and their schedules.
  • Check the BRFM Winter Vendor Map to learn where to find your favorite vendors this Saturday.