Thanks for everyone’s support and patience last week! We did need to limit admissions a few times but the lines were not long and wait times were short. 

Things went pretty smoothly last week but we made a few changes that should make things even better this week. We moved two popular vendors away from the entrance and  simplified the floor markings for the wait lines.

Note that BRFM East (the smaller space) has only one door as entrance and exit so customers need to work together to social distance while entering/exiting.  In BRFM East the wait line along the west wall is for the vendor at the very back (this week Farmers Market Lobsters). For vendors along the east wall you’ll need to walk past the west wall wait line (look for yellow arrows).


New Hampshire-based Joel Woods (the fisherman) and his wife Viktoriya (originally from the Ukraine ) started up a new business to bring live Fair Trade Maine Lobsters and Jonah Crabs (photo above) to cities outside New England.

  • They are bringing live Maine lobsters from 1 pound up to 15 points! And all sizes in between! So plan for the size lobster you like to try!! Larger ones have more meat for the amount of work to remove the flesh and are just as tender and sweet!
  • They will also be bringing Jonah crabs which are similar in flavor to  but smaller (about 1 pound) than Dungeness crabs.
  • With their guidance, we are providing lots of instruction on getting your lobsters and crabs home safely to caring for and cooking them!


  • Tulip Tree Creamery just won a national Good Food award for their new Milkweed gruyere-style cheese!
  • Eat Surreal introduced a brand new dip Babaganade, a plant-based take on classic eggplant baba ganoush and black olive tapenade!!
  • This is a rare week 5 of January so several vendors will be with us off-schedule: Batch No.2, Hidden Pond, Apricot SunHome Ec PreservesMaplewood Farms, and Soupremacy.
  •  Check out the full list of Winter Vendors and their schedules. And check out the Vendor Map for this week’s Market to learn where to find your favorite vendors.