Apology for the Lobster line…
We were excited to bring a new fresh Maine lobster vendor to the market but clearly underestimated his appeal! We anticipated needing to manage the customer line to the East market space but we never anticipated his line would go all the way to the main Market entrance (see photo above). Unfortunately some customers thought the lobster line was the market entrance line and left without shopping. We messaged on social media as soon as we realized the confusion and happily some customers  returned to the market. But we are sure not all did. We sincerely apologize to anyone who came to the market left. The important thing for you to know is that the line was not for the Market entrance. In fact, we never had to hold back admissions to the market last week for crowding.

Aside from the lobster line, the changes we made to vendor location to smooth out traffic worked well! Full Hand Farm‘s new location to the back wall made a big difference. Just a reminder that BRFM East (the smaller space) has only one door as entrance and exit so customers need to work together to social distance while entering/exiting. 

WHAT’S COOKING –  Super Chili Bowl!

Jazz up a basic chili recipe for the big game with healthy hacks and custom tweaks to make every bowl even tastier and better for you. And don’t forget some snacks to keep you going until game time!  Just click here for the recipe and suggestions for snacks from the Market!


Full Hand Farm is taking a week off next week so stock up for this week and next! But even though they are out next week, we’ll still have Freedom Valley Farm and Johnnie Raber Family Farm so there will still be plenty of produce to buy!

This is week 1 of February which means we’ll have Reton GourmetBatch No.2, Hidden Pond, Apricot Sun, Daisy Cakes, Oikonomia, and Positive Foodie VibesCheck out the full list of Winter Vendors and their schedules. And check out the Vendor Map for this week’s Market to learn where to find your favorite vendors.