Katy Williams Remembered

How ironic that we would lose Katy on Monday when President Biden shared his heartfelt sympathy for families experiencing the loss of a loved one. Katy collapsed while at Tulip Tree Creamery and was taken to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be revived. Her death was tragic and unexpected. We are all devastated.

Katy had been a part of our market lives since 2008 when she and her sister Erin became vendors at the Market with their Country Mouse City Mouse condiment line (best chimichurri and Romesco sauces ever!). They decided to move on from that business in 2011, but in 2014 Katy found a perfect fit at Tulip Tree Creamery and was back!

Over those years she served as a great resource, advisor, and friend to our vendors, volunteers and customers. Katy’s loss will leave a hole in our hearts and her memory will always be special and dear.

Unfortunately, Katy leaves behind not just her Market fans, she leaves her husband and two young daughters, Wren 9 and Matilda 6, her sister Erin and her family and her mom and dad who were very close to Katy and the girls. And of course, her Tulip Tree Creamery family. Her dedication, good humor and hard work left a mark wherever she went – and we were all lucky to be a part of it.

While Katy’s memory will inspire and sadden us all for a long time, it is her immediate family that will bear the brunt of the emotional and financial hardship. If you are interested and able to help Katy’s family during this difficult time, here is the link to a fundraiser started by her sister to help them out.