We are all deeply saddened by the untimely death of our long-time vendor Katy Williams from Tulip Tree Creamery. For those of you who missed the special edition newsletter we sent out on Wednesday, you can see that same information on our website.

Several vendors will be donating a portion of their proceeds from sales this Saturday to a fundraiser supporting Katy’s family. Vendors donating include but are not limited to Tallow, Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood, Native Bread, Soupremacy, and 317 Dogs.


It’s week 4 of February , so in addition to our regular full-time vendors (see information below),  we have kuacha & me(h)Say It Ain’t SalsaBatch No. 2, Soupremacy, Red Frazier Bison, Maplewood Farms, Home Ec PreservesCaprini Creamery and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood.


Tulip Tree Creamery is out this week and 317 Juicery is out this week because they haven’t been able to get the bottles they need for their product. Check our vendor list for all vendor schedules and see our vendor map for where to find them.

Make Mine with Mushrooms

As we know, mushrooms are a great meaty ingredient, making them ideal for Meatless Mondays. But they’re also delicious and easy to cook up with a little olive oil and garlic and then add to just about everything from soup to pasta.