A photo of Katy’s family and a donation jar will remain available at the Tulip Tree Creamery booth for an additional week or two for customers who want to but haven’t had a chance to donate. Anyone wanting to donate  online can do so here.


It’s week 2 of March, so in addition to our regular full-time vendors, we’ll have  kuacha and me(h), Red Frazier Bison, Maplewood Farms, Caprini Creamery, Positive Foodie Vibes and Home Ec Preserves and Soupremacy. Say It Ain’t Salsa is out this week and Batch No. 2 will be in their spot.


Linda Chapman from Harvest Moon Flower Farm with is back this week with spring bouquets and pussy willow branches!

Check our complete vendor list for all vendor schedules and our weekly vendor map for where to find them.

Comforting Dublin Coddle

This Irish recipe for Coddle is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! You could use Old Major Market‘s English Banger sausages and get creative by adding veggies like broccoli and cabbage to green things up! And you could use Irish stout for some of the broth!