It’s Week 4 of March, so in addition to our regular full-time vendors, we have Sugar Bar Baking Companykuacha and me(h), Red Frazier Bison, Maplewood Farms, Caprini Creamery, Soupremacy, Say It Ain’t Salsa and Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood. Home Ec Preserves is out this week.


Check in with Roland at Xchocol’Art for exquisite chocolate Easter bunnies for your Easter baskets!! We’ll update this post as we know more. Check our complete vendor list for all vendor schedules and our weekly vendor map for where to find them.

Super Fresh Spring Salads

Spring always brings lots of fresh greens to the Market, so it’s a perfect time to enjoy delicious salads. Ditch the store-bought dressings full of preservatives and artificial flavors! Make your own simple and endlessly customizable dressing at home.