It’s Week 1 of April, so in addition to our regular full-time vendors, we have Apricot Sun, Reton Gourmet, Oiknomia, Russell Sheep Company, Daisy Cakes, Hidden Pond, Batch #2 and Positive Foodie Vibes. 


Full Hand Farm is out this week but Johnnie Raber Family Farm will have lots of beautiful ripe tomatoes for us! That Pickle Guy is out this week.
Check out our complete vendor list for all vendor schedules and our weekly vendor map for where to find them.

Egg-cellent Vegetarian Quiche

Spring is a great time for farm fresh eggs, both nutritionally and symbolically (with Easter just days away). Add mushrooms and fresh spinach to the mix, and you have a quintessential spring dish. Check out the this tasty and flexible recipe!